"It's really happening!"  These three words have floated back and forth between us for the last few months as we've logged countless hours researching, gathering inspiration, hitting the flea markets, texting, calling and endless face-timing. Not to mention the time we've spent figuring out Photoshop, camera settings, website building all while driving our graphic designer and husbands absolutely bonkers! It's been insane but our dream of working together is finally coming to life!

In the 7 years of our best friendship, we've worked together on countless creative projects.  From planning our weddings to decorating our homes.  From throwing baby showers and birthday parties to designing a nursery for one babe and now working on #2!  We've always turned to each other for ideas and approval.  We're eager to hear each others opinions and excited to incorporate each others ideas.  We've laughed together, cried together. Leaned on each other time and time again.  We've grown up together.  And most importantly we've loved and trusted in each other from the very beginning.  Because duh, we're best friends!

So with one simple text, our years of collaboration turned into more.  We've often talked about what a dream it would be to work together.  "Why don't we just start our own interior decorating company?" Boom, finally!  And here we are.  Both at a place in our lives where we want more.  Instead of just dreaming, we're doing.  Creating something for ourselves and our (growing) families.  

We are Ashley Scott and Brittany Kohli and we are Scouted Home.  We offer a variety of interior decorating services:  our E-Design is available to all and our Full Service Design is available to those in the Los Angeles and Nashville areas.  Because we've always loved shopping flea markets and finding extra special pieces, we've also launched our online store of specially curated items, Shop Scouted.  

We're so excited for what's to come!  Follow us on our journey as we share our lives and our designs on our blog.  Check out our website and contact us through email or social media- we'd love to hear from you!  The support has been overwhelming and we are so grateful.  Thank you so much :)

Ash & Britt, Scouted Home